attitude of gratitude

it’s so easy to get lost in dismay

an attitude of gratitude goes a long, long way


When i wake up, i thank my maker

When i pour my cup, i thank my “coffee-maker”

When i go to work, i thank the pay-paychecker

When i get mad, at my teenager

I thank my mother, now I’m the care-taker

when you smile, upon seeing my face

I’m grateful for the day-changer

When you help me up,

Im thankful for grace

When i say thank you, and kiss your face

the attitude of gratitude

goes along

long way


©2016 Amanda Potter

One thought on “attitude of gratitude

  1. Love the subject matter on this one. I’ve thought about gratitude a lot lately.

    This line was charming and made me smile:
    “When i pour my cup, i thank my ‘coffee-maker’ ”

    Also the lines where you thank your mother now that you have your own child, that is so real and human and really great!

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