Castles in the Sky (Hour 13)

Morning comes like a blank page
with subtle illusions to comfort the mind.
There is calm within the city,
serenity, in the eyes of a child.

To greet the sky at my feet,
where the night before twas a refuge
to where my dreams did flee,
and now is at my door
where the floor ceases to be.

My senses opened wide to the purity of sound,
I exude an awareness of a world turned upside down.

In the immensity beyond my doorstep
I proceed forth to know the difference of every entity,
Where all the slumbering fantasies can entice my curiosity,
with chances for new discovery.

To walk aloft the breeze
where the castles in the air seep while the city sleeps,
To pluck dreams down from long branches,
like fruit from a great tree.
Tasting each flavor that is there is to be seen,
without hesitation or divergence from what can truly set my soul free.

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