Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan (Hour 10)

Bringing forth the vital colors of existence,
portrayed in bleeding masses spilling
over confining lines of shape.

Abstract illusions falling in and out of view,
where mystery dances a wild macabre
in the swirling plumes of purple and green.

Black absence, a deep, smoky emptiness
hollowing its way through the hearts of every color,
with the shades of ethereal eternity.

Culminating reds, highlights of silver growing denser than gray matter.
Striking metallic flames, like silent cosmic fire,
behold the burning colors of thought!

The blues and yellows of stabbing lightning, piercing,
burning pathways of streaking brilliance,
through thunderclaps of orange radiance
pulsating with a living heat.

The mind is alive.

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