6th Hour: Remember…

‘My dear fairy child’
Read my grandmother’s letter,
‘My dear, pay heed
This comes to you, all the way from the kingdom of the sun
Where the sun never sets, where there are no dreams
For they are all realized
We know neither thirst nor hunger
We care for neither happiness nor sorrow
Contentment shines through every pore of our existence
And yet, today, from nowhere, flew a shard of a memory
From another world, from another time
And lodged itself in my being, refusing to leave
Till I collected all the sunbeams from my kingdom
Weaved them together in to words, imprisoning them in this letter
And leaving them at your doorstep
My child, when you read this, take heed,
I will always remember you
As a gift from the angels,
With a smile rivalling the sun’s grandeur
And a heart, as soft as down
Yet as strong as a diamond
That smile can crumble any fortress, any enemy’s evil designs
While that heart can house love for the entire universe
Decimating it too, if it turns against humanity
Remember, balance is the key to a good, fulfilling life
You already know, this be the only letter ever required from me
Live well, child
I will sleep well tonight…

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