Hour 20 – Looking Through The Glass

Prompt for Hour Twenty

On the train of needs
Alice woke up in an elf suit
They were passing through the forest of no trees
About to reach the Zone

An unnaturally bright moon cast strange shadows
Wraiths from recent dreams

Alice looked around
Her co-passenger, a pretty red fox
A box of daddy issues
A watch, the face reversed

A tar-covered polar bear violently ambled past
Reading a newspaper, muttering to himself

Alice looked outside her window
In the Zone, we’ll all be alone, she thought
No camps on the way, no stops between
No roads leading nowhere

A bright moon casts strange shadows
Wraiths from dreams past

7 thoughts on “Hour 20 – Looking Through The Glass

  1. Absolutely haunting. Those images cascade one on top of the other – and yet the notion of the cool moon and the wraith-like dreams in the couplet at the end slows everything down AND finishes on an incredibly strong image. Beautiful!

  2. A salute to Through the Looking Glass, but a little more dangerous. What is most disturbing and wonderful is that it seems like business as usual to most of the participants.
    It is haunting if a dream,but there seems to be a finality and hopelessness.
    Implies an interesting prequel and sequel.

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