When it is about you

Hour – 5

when it comes to you

They warned me,
I am limitless
When it comes to you
They advised,
I am uncontrollable
When it about you
But all i know is that
conveying me a direction
inferring me a path
Directing me towards
The realm of warmth
You brought the stars
into my new moon nights
It’s now just the love that empowers
It is just the love that flows
throw my veins now
then how could I not
be so much into you
I admitted, that I m intractable
When it comes to you
I confessed, that I am eager,
To pick all the flowers of happiness
And put it as a tiara on the head
When it’s all about you.
Well, i told them
My love is unconditional
When it comes to you.

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