Orange candy

Hour -8



Childhood, when innocence used to be my biggest virtue…
when the world happened to be fair….
when tiny stuff gave me supreme joy,
Childhood when I dwelled in my fantasies …

When the world seems to be selfless

When all appeared to be backers
Childhood, when joy wasn’t referred to with money.

I just have a vague recollection of my Childhood
Childhood, when my every small effort
Was celebrated with joy

When I was awarded my favorite orange candy
By none other than our childhood bestie,

Who they call Granny.

That sweetness of candy was a delight
I got one after every race, even if I lost
When I was rewarded with my favorite candy
For my effort,
When losing winning was just a part of life,
the time when my life colors were bright
My childhood was the time when affection was pure…
tears dwell on my cheeks…
Every time I see the candies, it will give me Nostalgia forever.
my childhood will never come back but
the child in me will always be there

Aditi Dixit


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