Look around,
Nature is meeting the sky.
The birds are flapping their wings,
As the leaves rustle along with the wind,
While the plants wait patiently to unfurl their flowers.

Even the Earth is awakening,
To witness this beautiful harmony,
Of Nature and Sky together,
Of the Dawn of the Sun.

The dark sky is fading away,
Look there goes the Moon,
One by one her soldiers follow her pursuit,
The stars going after the Queen of the night.

The Blue Sky is getting up,
Awakened by the sound of the marching,
Of the obedient soldiers of the night queen.

There it’s happening,
The Blue Sky is welcoming his brother,
The Sun has arrived.

All stand straight,
The miracle is about to begin.
As the brothers talk,
The Blue Sky merges with the orange-colored ball,
Look there comes the first ray of sunshine.

Everything comes alive with the Sunrise,
Birds are chirping happily,
Flowers are blooming in the fields.
It’s time to get up,
A new day has just begun.

– Addy

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