4th hr text prompt: The vision

From this time I will not cry.

I’m making my mind.

I will go for a time travel,

From this stage to 100 years later.

That is the vision-

To accomplish my mission.

3022 year will be adorable one.

There will be definitely a new era.

By the time traveller,

I finally go there.

When I come to earth,

There’s a magical mart.

Android peoples are everywhere.

They are enjoying their Iives.

By using the synaptic system,

Nano technology within human shell.

Is that the human zone?

No — not at all.

All are robots.

They control every defective part.

There’s no limitation.

There’s no pain.

There’s no expectation.

Is that the real essence of life?

I’m the only one person,

Who came from past world.

They capture me as an enemy.

They make their vision so clear.

Pristine earth was so clumsy.

There were so many limitations.

We have conquered all,

By using microchip as real vision.


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