I can’t forget this time

As a vagabond or a traveller-

You can call me at any word.

But I wish to see the outskirt,

I want to know the meaning of life.

For this mission, I have taken one promise.

To find out, the essence of existence on earth.

Birth is  God’s boon.

We must take that in deepest mind.

After strolling a long period,

I have stopped near a forest.

I need some water to drink

A pond is beside this.

I’m drinking water.

Oh! GOD You’re awesome.

You have made this platform.

We don’t know how to cope?

“The darkest evening of the year.”

I can see I can hear.

I can abolish all unwanted fears

I can feel the meaning of birth.

Nothing is perpetual here,

We’re playing some roles.

So happy by that attire,

After a certain time,  see the world.

A world with so many colours.

A world is full of vibes.

Mind is gleeful to see that,

God is smiling afterall.

He tells once more-

Want to know the meaning of life?

Close your eyes and open inner eyes-

You can feel— who you’re?

I can’t forget this time,

I’m finding out the answer.

At each Prayer moment,

You can feel the essence.

That’s the real thing,

To see to say-

Thank you so much dear God,

For helping to overcome this evening.


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