Ocean’s beauty

I was not a fool

But that time was not so cool

I made a promise

To see the Ocean’s inner beauty.

I was making my mind

Was there like a mermaid

Everything was surprised

I was not so astonished.

Suddenly a shark was came

I was so scared at first time

Pray to dear God

Pls help me once more.

I could hear one voice

Hello dear come to me

It was my Mom

I lost her at the early stage.

I was so happy this time

I failed the situation where I was

I couldn’t see any danger

There was such a wave of love.

Swimming is my passion

To see any unwanted situation

To help those ones

When life is stucked in dangerous site.

After all strifes

I can feel my heart

I can see the inner beauty

What a miraculous this art!

I wish to be here

As a mermaid to love

To enjoy the watery mirror

Ocean is the abstract vision.


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