Ello, name’s Myania and i’m a newbie at the Poetry Marathon challenge! Only doing the half marathon just to test it and if i’m liking it (there’s no doubt I will…) I’ll be here next year full throttle.

They said talk about how to prepare for this super hard challenge so, I’m just gonna breathe, make sure my brain is full of ideas, my watch is locked on my wrist and do what I can. stressing out over your talent makes it harder to create (it’s a very easy for me to do) so i’m not gonna apply no pressure to whether or not my stuff is good or whether or not I have any ideas left. I’m just gonna have fun for once and CHILL.

‘listen to some music and write’ is the motto for Saturday. hope everyone else has fun with this challenge too, and remember: CCCHHHIIILLLL.


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