Poem 9: Impulsive

I saw a giant huntsman spider
perched in the middle of the wall
just underneath my dusty windowsill.
And without thinking, I quickly gathered up
a physics textbook in my arms
and flung the entire brick of a book
across the room at the windowsill.
Unfortunately, as a teenager
I was scrolling through Instagram on my phone
so I watched my five hundred dollar iPhone 7
tag along with my textbook for the ride
and fly in a perfect arc at the windowsill.
My textbook obliterated the spider in one strike
leaving a blob of waxy yellowed guts
and all parts left of the spider corpse
but my phone went flying outside
in the same continuous arc
and I realize that I forgot to close the window
much earlier this morning
which was how the spider probably got inside
and down beneath the windowsill.

One thought on “Poem 9: Impulsive

  1. Such a fun poem to read. The way you delay what we think is going to happen. The phone out the window. Way to go getting # 9 down 15 minutes after the hour! The ending is so strong. With you not actually saying it went out the window.

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