Poem 6: My mess of a desk

Behold, my mess of a desk, covered with
a powder blue vinyl pencil case,
a glass of water on a mosaic coaster,
bags of original sea salt flavored potato chips,
and a half-liter bottle of Snapple mango tea.

But wait, there is more-
sleek silver pens with crystal blue grips,
a tiny stuffed panda head looped phone charm,
two silver rings engraved with hearts,
green plastic scissors on a frayed spiral notebook,
a white ceramic cup filled with neon highlighters,
black woven landyards, rubber bands, and hair ties,
and a plastic box of nickels and pennies.

Also I almost forgot-
point five-millimeter lead graphite pencils,
two pigma micron archival ink pens,
biology, chemistry, and psychology textbooks,
a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts,
a half-completed sketchbook of penciled anatomy studies,
a digital watch ticking rapidly from ninety seconds,
an opened laptop with ten tabs open,
and a word document listing a poem.

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