Mr. Bilbo Baggins on Heroism

Any improbable hero
is a little timid at first,
sticks to himself,
mutters a lot. I’m
no exception.

Today, I’d probably join
in a Women’s March,
but only if my friends urged
me on. Pink hat? Not likely.
But I’d consider carrying a sign.

Still, you can’t make a difference
if you aren’t faced with an impossible choice.
I’m pretty sure now that not just anyone
could have found their way out
of the Mirkwood forests. Some of us
can’t even kill a little spider,
let alone a giant one. Though once given
the task, I did faint right after. But I
awoke oddly filled with courage.

It doesn’t always take courage
to be a hero. Sometimes,
all that matters is a bit of wit
and a gentle heart.
Oh, and I still mutter a lot.

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