Spring Pretending

It’s summer now

but I’ll tell you about Spring


that rambunctious little elf

thought it should flounce around

and act like summer.

Boiling hot

Wind whipping breezes that

Knock you sideways

people with blistering faces

and stirred up mad.

I was glad

when summer arrived

calm and stately

with a little rain and cooler mornings

Pretending to be nice

and then


summer thought it should

make up for lost time

and to show Spring how being Summer

was done

sidewalks melted

and even the sun wore sunglasses.

One thought on “Spring Pretending

  1. I enjoyed the creativity in this. I also wrote a poem about summer along the same lines so it’s interesting to see another poem from the same perspective yet take on the subject in a different way, if that makes sense.

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