Hour 17 – Atom to Atom

Atom to Atom

after Natalie Diaz


I am begging: 

Let me be invisible 

but not lonely. 

Let this body fade 

into the night 

until I am but an atom

somewhere out there 

floating toward the stars

but let there be 

atoms that love me 

within reach

let their energy flow 

through me often enough

that I remember the likeness, 

not of their faces 

but of their souls. 

I am begging. 


Let me be loved 

when I am not here 

for you to see.


One thought on “Hour 17 – Atom to Atom

  1. I love this beautiful and thoughtful poem and that it grapples with the question of our existence. It reminds me of the short story You Tube video “The Egg.” Also makes me thing about how we all want to be loved and remembered.

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