“just be still, and listen”

Be it morning time
When sun does rise
Across the golden plains
And ducks and doves and hawk alike
Take flight unto the sky
Just be still, and listen

Or noontime when
the lunch bell rings
Singing a happy tune
Of food to come and a
Sated tongue
Just be still, and listen

And on the eve of the brightest day
As Ladybugs and June bugs scurry
Away to find a place their heads
To rest for tomorrow’s day is longer still
The day a life to a whippoorwill
Just be still, and listen

Into the night the creatures call
To find their one true love
Archaic voices fill the dark
The owl does hoot and the raven it caws
From forested hill to city park
Just be still, and listen

So when the morning light returns
Again to bathe the Earth in glory
Remind yourself and those you love
Don’t rush, don’t fret let’s
Take a breath and
Just be still, and listen

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