Mom’s Chocolate No Bake Cookies Hour 9

Oatmeal oh oatmeal 

not a cereal you 

not to be eaten

with a simple silver spoon

One cup, two cups and then

one more we pour and pour

and we pour some more 

until the mixing bowl is full

Add some sugar 

add lots of sugar

three tablespoons of cocoa

and mix it all up

Then some good old butter

and stir it up real hard

Don’t forget to soften

that stick first 

On the stove top 

the brew starts to boil 

that chocolatey smell

fills up our tiny house  

A tad of vanilla 

and sprinkle in some nuts 

Add a bag of coconut 

Stir stir stir!

At the right moment 

somehow she knew

scooping out round bits

of heaven – let’s go make some now!

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