Walking at Night

Walking at night without a sound,
Stepping so lightly
Over the cool ground.

What do I see looking up at me?
Two little peepers
Darting faster than I could see.

Around the corner I go
Until up under my nose
A firefly buzzed setting it all aglow.

What else did I meet
Walking down that street
A mean old bear with two left feet.

I said to the bear,
Tell me why is it so,
You’re wearing your shoes without any toes.

On further I walked
My shoes did clip-clop
Until I met a donkey and boy did he balk.

Oh my said I frightened out of my wits
No worries said he
Inviting me to sit.

So I sat down right there
With my nose all aglow
And shared this silly story about the shoes with no toes.

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