Take Another Pill

Wake up . . .

Reset iPhone alarm;

What’s ten more minutes?

Snuggle in . . .

Can’t sleep!

Of course…

What’s new?

Take another pill.

Middle-age  . .

Reach for the pill box;

Safely by the bed.

Morning, noon, evening and bed;

One or two each time;

Seven days equals . . .

Seven pills a day.

Take another pill.

One for depleting Vitamin D . .

Aw, to be a menopausal woman!

Take another pill.

The one for the reflux, of course.

Was that with food or after?

Take another pill.

There is the blood pressure…

Must always be aware;

Do not miss a day . . .

You can stroke out . . .

or heart will attack.

Take another pill.

Anxiety in these changing times;

Take another pill . . .

To calm you . . .

To ease the panic,

lying inside your adrenals;

or is it serotonin?

No, wait . . .

that’s a different pill!

Take another pill.

Important pills . .

never miss . . .

or take more.

Now, what to do about the aches?

Take another pill!

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