Hour Twleve: A Moment of Triumph

Author’s Note: Yet another time and the last time I will be ignoring a prompt in this 2017 Poetry Marathon. I will be concluding this marathon with a poem about a dream I had. Enjoy reading.

I once was in a sacred cave

that had nothing in it

but a cliff

and light blue glowing water below it.


My hands stretched out,

I was determined to dive in.


Diving in was like diving into

the endless morning sky above

but maybe even better.

Because I was landing into

something more solid,

something that could caress my skin.


Even though the water changed into lava

at a last second’s notice,

it didn’t matter

because at least I had the courage to dive

into something that was potentially great.

And it was at that thought alone that changed the lava

back to the beautiful serene water below.


So when I finally land into the water,

the walls echo hallelujah,

and I am filled with glee.


Even it’s just for a moment that I feel this,

at least I can say it’s a moment of triumph.

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