I need it in writing

(Based on a prompt, "I want it in writing.")

I promise...
   I promise that I will be good.
   I promise I'll do it tomorrow.
   I promise that I'll clean it up.
I promise, I promise, I promise.

You know that you can trust me...
   You know that I will be back.
   You know that I'll always be here.
   You know that I'll take care of you.
You know that you can trust me.

I give you my word...
   I swear that I'll pay you back.
   I swear that I will return it.
   I swear that I'll make it right.
My word is as good as gold.

I'm feeling a little unease...
   I'm done with the promise refrain,
   My trust has been sadly misplaced.
   The gold of your word is for fools,
I've learned that I need it in writing.

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