Hour 22 – For my Husband

Prompt Twenty-two – Use the word Tenderness as this hour’s prompt.


For my Husband


You tippy-toe into the room.

Is it very late?

Or very early?

As today meets tomorrow

Or is it yesterday meeting today?

I can’t say.

Bleary-eyed with exhaustion

I lie myself down on the sofa

To catch seventeen minutes of sleep

Before the alarm shrieks again.

You tippy-toe in then,

And thinking me asleep

You pull the blanket up to my chin.

And envelope me in your tenderness.

And fuel the bleary out of my eyes.


I don’t know if you inspire me

It is too early (or too late) for deep thinking.

But I do know,

I do what I do

Because you believe I can.


As you wrap me in your tenderness.



One thought on “Hour 22 – For my Husband

  1. Oh boy ! Thé tenderness here Is palpable. You really captured that deep moment that lends mariage its beauty.
    And thinking me asleep
    You draw the couver up To my chin
    I do what i do because You believe i can.
    That one pulled à string somewhere deep.
    Great work.

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