Hour Eleven – The Stand-up Act

Hour Eleven – Write a poem about laughter without ever using the words, laugh, laughter, or giggle.


The Stand-Up Act


Everyone was happy,

I could see.

Everyone, that is, except me.

I was on a roll, out to troll

the good folk of Glasgow.


With a poker face

and practiced lack of grace

I let insults race

at a furious pace.

Aimed at the centre of the second row.


Up on stage,

that bright white-light cage

Self-deprecating rage

from an unscripted, unseen page

spill out, as the chuckles grow.


Joke after joke

I continued to poke

fires stoked as I spoke.

Through irreverence, all barriers broke

and they wanted more, much more.


They lapped it all

and clapped at my gall

till my patter palled.

The applause in the hall

brought the house down, stood the audience up.


I’ll split your sides, I’ll rid your frown

I’ll tickle your ribs, turn you upside-down.

My one-night stand (up) in your town,

I don’t smile, I’m your modern-day clown.






2 thoughts on “Hour Eleven – The Stand-up Act

  1. The Stand Up Act is anything but a routine!! Your rhyming flows and gives it power!! Anyone familiar will open mic night would give you a high five!! Fav line♡ that bright white-light cage. Well done meeting this challenging prompt!!

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