Hour Seventeen – King or Beast

Hour Seventeen – “Write a poem that involves a mythical monster in some capacity, whether it’s as a side character, a prop, a villain or even the protagonist.”


Ravana – King or Beast?


Was he the King among kings?

Carrying his ten heads and immortality

with grace that challenged the Gods.

Or was he the demon Rakshasa?

Abductor of the fair Sita,

the wife of Rama, the Lord among Lords.


His intellect unbound, his logic sound

and wisdom profound.

But was he friend or foe?

Was he the lecherous other?

Or the loyal brother?

Disguised as a doe.


The answer, my friend, it all depends

on your own geography.


Folk from the North

believe him to be the devil incarnate.

They burn him on Diwali

to end all evil on earth.

Folk from the South

Worship him. An honourable King

who laid not a finger on his guest Sita?


The debate will never end.

The world will never know.

If Ravana was a Friend

Or a ten-headed Foe?







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