Hour Ten – Holy Snake

Hour Ten – Personify an animal. Switch its trait. Example: a disinterested lion, a polite gorilla, an aggressive giraffe…



Holy Snake


She slithered across the floor

over the mat, where they sat, folded hands.

Palms, which unfolded briefly

to touch her, pet her, as she slid by.

The ones who touched her, felt blessed

their prayers answered, their wishes met.

For they had come to negotiate with God.

Bargain. Barter. Bribe

You give me a son, and I’ll give up smoking.

You make my sick wife well, and I’ll quit cheating.

Give me. Give me. Give me.

Sneha helped them.

She curled up on the lap of the favoured one,

and took his desires to her master.

And lapped the milk with her pointed tongue

almost purring with feline delight.

As they left, satisfied, into the night.

For Sneha would liaise for them.

Sneha, the Holy Sssnake












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