Hour 23: Cheese

Hour 23: Cheese

though often grated. Cheese.
Want no frills?
Then simply grill. Cheese.
Got a lot?
Make some aligot! Cheese.
Bake it with honey
keep it nice and runny. Cheese.
Want some for your tea?
Why not try some gnocchi? Cheese.
Shred it or grate it
just don’t debate it! Cheese.
Bake it in a pie.
Like it crisp? Then fry. Cheese.
Melt it over chips
or bury it in grits. Cheese.
Bake it in a muffin.
Use in calzone that needs stuffin.’ Cheese.
Serve it with a roast.
Melt it over toast. Cheese.
Take it, grate it. Melt it, smelt it.
Make cheesy garlic bread.
Use cheese as flour instead.
With a creamy mac’n’cheese,
you’re guaranteed to please.
So, Mr Chesterton, take note.
We’re aware of what you wrote.
There’s just one place, we say,
where cheese should stay away.
Or, rather, if you really want to please,
make sure jokes stay away from cheese.

As I like to say:
Fon-du as you would be done by (heh heh)

14 thoughts on “Hour 23: Cheese

  1. I admit, I am a weirdo, one of a very slim minority, but I’ll say it anyway: Hi, my name is Mandi, and I CANNOT STAND CHEESE!

    However, your poem is ridiculously CHEESY and in this rare instance, I must retract my prior statement, as for just a moment, your presentation of cheese has udderly thrilled me! 😂

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