Hour 4: One Hundred Years Beyond (Haibun)

To be the caretaker of this old farm is a precious thing. To be present for soft summer dusks, silent winter nights of glittering snow, the vibrant  light of maeshine, and a small country road silvered by the harvest moon – all these mark our time and place, when the heart, called to each new moment, gives voice and sings, ‘Do you see? Do you see?’ That I seek and find someone will come to know and care for this precious space as I have loved it and thrived within it is my future wish.

Step into this space.

Feel the heartbeat of the soil.

Know that you belong.

2 thoughts on “Hour 4: One Hundred Years Beyond (Haibun)

  1. I found this poem inviting me to come and experience life on your beloved farm it is full of imagery and has a vibrant history that I seek someone is powerful and open.to interpretations and cry out – is brilliant poetry Anne

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