Poem no.19: Dialogue

He does his best to woo her
With generous, glittering squares;
Presents her with the fiesty rectangles,
Sparkling rhomboids, glistening spheres.

While she, listening closely,
Responds as best she knows;
Her soft replies are in colour,
Gentle shades and milder tones.

Each aches passionately for the other
In every conceivable way.
But though each talks, they simply don’t
Understand a word they say.

Β© Anne McMaster

7 thoughts on “Poem no.19: Dialogue

    1. Ah, you wouldn’t want to be inside my mind for too long, Martina, but thank you for the compliment! Isn’t it weird how, sometimes, people talk together and yet don’t ‘get’ one another? I’m a great person for people-watching and I’ve seen this happen several times. I thought I’d have a go at seeing if I could translate it to the page!

  1. I admire the working out of the images, but that would just be technique if I didn’t say “been there, done that.”
    Sometimes I wish for the wisdom to just shut up and let our bodies talk.

  2. Enjoyed again today.
    I am having a coffee date today with someone I met online who seems very different.
    Can I match her energy?
    This poem is a preparation.
    I reasure myself thinking of all the lovers who spoke no word of each other’s language of the speaking of the mouth but were otherwise eloquent and joyful in the meeting of their bodies.

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