2020 Marathon Hour 11 – The Right Thing

It can be moral, ethical,
kind, and decent.
Generous and honest.
And it can still suck.

It can be costly, scary,
hard and ugly,
agonizing and vulnerable.
And it can be right.

They warn you that right isn’t always easy.

No good deed goes unpunished, after all.

But how many ways it comes at you:
Lost friends, alienated relatives,
bullying, backlash, bitching,
stress, anxiety, doxxing,
beatings, lynchings, arson,
lost opportunities,
a life measurably more difficult.

Maybe they should emphasize that a little more.

Just finding the right thing can be messy
Minefield messy, with a side of timebomb.
The Law of Shared Space:
With two or more sets of feet, sooner or later
Someone’s toes are getting stepped on.
The Law of Schedules:
With two or more sets of priorities, sooner or later,
Someone’s not going to be where they’re wanted.
The Law of Action:
If you don’t make a choice, you lose.

Good people get hurt no matter what you choose.

Even taking all the pain yourself doesn’t just make it right.
Because you’re probably a good person, too.
If you’re worried about doing the right thing.

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