Ruled by the others she was till date,
Serene and innocent.
A damsel indeed;
Attempting to prevent apocalypse,
With a smile on her face.

But she was made to write her own fate
Growing in the shadow of the apocalypse,
Strong and fierce she became,
An independent queen with fire in her eyes.

Fairytale was her life.
Little did she know,
She was a monster in the making.
Did apocalypse change her?

Angel cum devil
As she thought of herself now,
She understood she was –
An angel
With invisible wings and robe
A devil
With invisible horns and tail

2 thoughts on “ANGEL CUM DEVIL

  1. This is good (though I must admit I don’t quite understand the first line)

    However I’d suggest a tweak to the last line — invisible angel wings yes that’s nice

    But flipping the last line for the devil

    With invisible horns and tail
    With visible horns and tail

    Gives the last line a real kick & shows you’re* a strong woman not to be messed with 🙂

    * you or the character in this poem

    1. Tysm for the feedback…
      Well for the 1st line, i tried to convey tha she was naive; like she could easily become a puppet if other peoples views and words; but she did have courage inside ( which is understood by reading the next stanza) .

      And yes, i could have been interesting to end the way you said!!
      I jus meant to convey that inside was dangerous as a devil at the same time sweet as an angel. But ofcourse , was a normal girl.. who had both the QUALITIES, which are there inside each person…

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