Sheer Brilliance – In Remembrance of the Age of Chivalry (Written from the Perspective of an Ancient Prince in Love) 5/24

unicorn rider

I woke up last night,
Got out of my bed and
Stood in front of the
Open window
Through which
I could hear
The song of a Nightingale…

I stood in awe and marvelled
At the intense beauty of it…

A movement drew my
Attention – I gasped
At the sheer brilliance that
Hit my eye like a spear…

In the centre of
The garden
Stood a unicorn –
White as snow
But painted silver
By the full moon’s
Glorious light…

And on her back –
The only being
In the garden
Whose brilliance
Surpassed hers –

My Lady…
With hair like fire
Turned gold
In the light
of the silvery moon

© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux


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