The cottage was scary looking and desolate,

at the edge of the forest.

The drone, also known as “Firefly” by its owner

hovered above.

Its owner waiting at the treeline,

scouting and surveiling the area.

The heat unusually, scorchingly oppressive.


“Okay, Firefly”  he hoarsely whispered.

“Let’s see who is in the cottage” he said,

as he lowered the drone and zoomed in

on the high resolution camera.


“Oh my God” he exclaimed!

at the strange demonic, slimy porridge, alien sight.


Beep! Beeep! Beep!  Firefly fell to the ground!

Electromagnetic Pulse frying its motherboard

with a sizzling sound!


We will never know what really happened there,

as the owner and Firefly disappeared in thin air!

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