Hour 3 Prompt – Hypnotized

PS: I opted for image 1. Assuming I am watching people in this image I have written this poem….

At times, I just watch people
Like now – I see a pregnant woman
I think, what she must be thinking
Maybe – ‘ whether it’s a boy or a girl’.

Crossing the waves,
I see an old man talking to his wife
In so many years of togetherness –
he still finds her benign.

As I sip my lemonade
My eyes fall on a couple
Both are sharing the same table –
yet conversing through their mobiles.

Eavesdropping upon the conversation
A daughter tells to her father
The best new year gift for her –
if he stops smoking forever!

I stop looking around for a while
And I close my eyes to realise
There is a world inside me –
that the adversity just hypnotized!

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