I Remember

I remember laughing

At the idea of falling in love

Never happen to me

I said over and over

Then you came along

And I changed my mind

You took away the hurt

The pain

I left it behind

Now I’ve learned to take a chance

Go somewhere I swore

I’d never go again

Holding your hand

I know

I can conquer the world.

I Want to Become

I want to become

The love of your life

The one who makes you see

That love can heal

Not hurt

The one who makes you believe

That love is real

Is true

The one that carries your heart

Like a precious jewel

I want to love you

Into life again.

Whenever I Think of Rain

Whenever I think of rain

I think of washing things clean

Of new beginnings

Flowers blooming

Whenever I think of rain

I think of kisses in secret places

Of tin roofed houses

Cuddling by a fire within

Whenever I think of rain

I think of you

The feel of your arms around me

Keeping me safe from the world.

I Write

I write because

If I did not

I would cease to exist

I could not breathe

Writing is life to me

Words, beautiful words

Terrible words

Wise words

Foolish words

Words can change the world

Use with responsibility.

This Poem

I wrote this poem

As a random collection of thoughts

Cause my brain

Was tied up in knots

And it came to me

Just write what you see

I sit in my room

Under the fan

Patterns on the ceiling

I never noticed before

I need coffee

Keeps my mind from reeling

All these words

Such a jumble

But sometimes

That’s the way

The cookie crumbles

I Have No Patience

I have no patience

For complicated recipes

I get hungry quickly

Make it pretty but fast


I have no patience

For willful ignorance

I know that can be remedied

Educate yourself one way or another


I have no patience

For those who make others

Feel inferior simply because

They themselves fear their own happiness


I have no patience

For problem causers

When it is so easy

To be a solution

A Kiss

A kiss can be

A devastating thing


A man

Or a woman

To their knees

With just one press

Of lips against lips

Such a little thing

A kiss

Can be

A kiss

Can seal a pact

Like a handshake

But no hands

Look ma

No hands

And it can

Still change the world

Such a little thing

Such a little thing

But it can mean

The biggest thing

In the world.

No Winner

I have a wise friend

Who says

There can  be no winner

In a nuclear war

Plants, people, animals

Flash away in an instant

Of incendiery fury

And those who served

As the trigger for the gun

Become victims of their own design.

What a waste

Such a waste

There are no winners

In a nuclear war.