Poem Two: Walk Away

I could lay in your arms till my dreams fade away
Watch the stars fall from the sky with you never questioning a thing
I could me the perfect wife for you if I wash my flaws away
Life would be so content with you in the image you create
But I would rather travel this life alone than to watch me fade away
So I will say my goodbye now and walk away

walk away

walk away

Poem 1

When the chapter came to an end I had two options
Continue to try and squeeze in more words that held no benefit to my story
Move on to the next chapter
I choose to move on to the next chapter
To discover the unknown
To hopefully grow
To live


Hi everyone,

My name is Amanda. I will be participating in the half marathon. This is my first year with the marathon and I am excited for the challenge. I love writing poetry and usually just post to my instagram account to share. I can’t wait to get writing and see all of the creative entries from other participants.