The Iron Tree

In the dark night stood
A tall, tall tree
Covered deep in a dark hood
An old, old tree

Its roots branched out
And spread in the sand
Reaching far, far out
Right in the middle of the land

The branches swayed in the wind
A thick trunk hit the floor, hard
The leaves were nowhere
For the tree was bare

There was a hole, a huge one
Leading inside the hollow tree
Sitting on a stool hidden from the sun
Was the iron man leaning over

He chopped and cut
Moulded the pieces of iron
Thud, smack and a krut
Working away in the night…

Look at the stars
Shining above 
Look at the sky
Looming above
Look at the tree
Standing still 
Look at the clouds 
Moving in the air
Feel the breeze
Rustling your hair
Feel the joy
Floating in the air
And be thankful
For everything 

A strange feeling inside 
Butterflies fluttering 
A bubble of joy floating
A breeze of happiness 
Rustling my hair
My hands in the air
A smile on my lips
Filling me with joy

You know why?
Why the world feels
So beautiful?
Because I,
I let go
Let go of the worries knawing me
The troubles haunting me
And felt free
Free of doubts...
Head aches
Mind's numb
World spins 
Eyes flutter
Words disappear
Oh! Don't know 
What to do
Better just to
Go with the flow
And see what 
It brings
I'm a little drop
Yeah! A little drop
Floating in the ocean 
Yeah! In the ocean 
And there are many
Oh! So many
Breathing beside me

You're a little drop
Yeah! A little drop 
Swimming in the ocean 
Yeah! In the ocean 
And there are other
Oh! A lot
Suffering beside you...

I saw

  • I saw a little man
    With a hunched up Back
    Gobbling leftovers in a shack
    I saw a tiny girl
    Sitting under a tree
    Holding her injured knee
    I saw a famished boy
    Sneaking in an old shop
    Snatching from the table top
    I saw a beautiful girl
    Tears shining in her eyes
    Surrounded by lies
    I saw a broken soul
    I saw a suffering soul
    Oh! What I saw
    Broke my heart

A warrior

Duties, responsibilities

Chores and what not

Pushing you down

Suffocating you

With no way out


Hold your breath

Push the worries aside

You can do it!

For you are a warrior


Standing up

The windows crashed 
A storm brew on
The doors crackled
A bird flew on
The clouds roared
A twig snapped
Yet a girl in black
Lay huddled under a crack

The mist came at once
Twirling and whirling
Darkness everywhere 
Encircling and blinding
So she stood upright
I'll fight it, alright

This thought grew
A light shone
This tornado withdrew
Gave up its throne
For standing up 
Can do that


A beautiful heart

Hurt and broken

A dazzling piece of art

Savage yet pained

I am a lover


Far in the corner

Head bent low

A heartbreaking murmur

Blocking everything else

I am an outcast


Shining in the centre

A star in the sky

Lighting up the faces

Spreading smiles

I am a helper


Alone I am no one

I am capable of little

But together we are stronger

We are conquerors

In search of peace





Hi, everyone!

Looking forward to the marathon and writing 🙂