When you smile

The world will watch, be under a spell

When you smile

The stars will twinkle, blink, and some of them fall

From high above..

And deep down below

The star fish will glide, move and dance

In the magical light of the depth of the sea..

All for your smile,

When you smile..




Raining in the dawn

It’s raining, in the earliest hour of dawn..

Yes it’s real,

Not a dream..

I can hear it,

I can see it as I lift the curtain..

The world bathed and the mist in the distance..

Yes, it is all so real,

And yet

I feel I’m still in the throes of a dream…

Sleep still lingers in my eyes..

As I look out at the rain..

The sky is light, grey and blue .

The wind is gentle, like a feather to the touch…

I take my first sip of tea…

Yes, this is real, the dream was what I left behind..


Evening reflection

In the half light of the evening

I looked down at the shiny, black floor

And I thought,

It’s a dull evening, what to look forward to?

But, then, it came,

That reflection,

Of a tall and majestic tree,

That I hadn’t even noticed..

The floor turned into a painting..

The world into a beautiful mirage..







If only, the time that keeps us away

From each other

Would melt and merge into a rainbow

And reflect on the puddles ..

On the face of the river..

If only, the time I spend with you,

Would go into a bubble,

And float into eternity..




Did you ever notice

How a plant grows

The symmetry

The pattern

The lines, where leaves, drops of water and sunlight meet..

Like a friend..

Like a lover

Like a dream




Poetry calling!

IMG_20150607_115520117_HDRThere is something about poetry that helps release the emotions in my mind. I am, by nature, a quiet person, and poetry, in many ways, helps me to talk to the world. It is like an extension of my mind, my temperament. It helps me in so many ways. Whenever I write a poem, I feel the happiness of having given birth to something beautiful. It’s a blessing to be able to see the world in a deeper light, and express what you see as beautifully and truthfully as you can. I really look forward to the poetry marathon, and hope to see the world in many, many different lights! Good luck to everyone! Thank you for giving me a chance to be a part of this interesting event!