The Itinerant Beautifier

Open, close, glide,
slip, slide, flit,
carried along with the trade winds,
from South America to the U.S.,
meandering descent,
alight, rest, sniff,
close wings.

Scent, sweet, nectar,
delicious intent,
probing with a proboscis,
whether orange or flower,
sliced or whole,
honey or raw sugar
all to be suckled
with reverence.

No fear of human aggression,
these are not pests.
If threatened,
open wings,
display magnificence,
geometrical colors and patterns,
which only nature can manifest.

Then suddenly, people pull out
cameras, cell phones, tablets,
“Oh, look, look! A butterfly!”

For this itinerate wanderer
It was all worth it.
This one-way journey,
to feed, to breed,
to beautify.