Ghost Karma episode 3 Hour 12

Ghost Karma Episode 3

Tommy possessed David’s body
And started shooting in the police precinct
Until the Chief sent police to shoot
He ran

Tommy possessed David’s body
And wrecked his home and beloved radio

Tommy possessed David’s body
And caused a car crash on Golden Gate Bridge
Eleven cars, five dead bodies

Tommy possessed David’s body
And ran to the docks, tried to escape

Tommy possessed David’s body
And was imprisoned for life in Alcatraz

Cell block 6
Prisoner 2259

Ghost Karma episode 2 hour 11

Ghost Karma Episode 2

Tommy realised he was dead
He tried to get up
Tommy realised he was a ghost
He saw his dead body
On the ground

His ghost chased David
Followed him
Found his home
Tommy possessed David’s body
To make him miserable

Ghost Karma episode 1 Hour 10

Ghost Karma Episode 1

San Francisco, 1949
Tommy walks down his street
And is mugged by David Dex
Local criminal

Tommy tries to fight
David ran
Ran far away
Ran to his house

Tommy tried to get up
But realised he was dead

Second Fight episode 2 HOUR 9

Second Fight episode 2

Midway Strike!

Sixteen assassins faced Superkick
Superkick’s kick was amazing
One assassin kicked into a van
Another into a computer

Superkick knocked out assassin Y6
Y6 woke tied to a chair
Dasher questioned him
Superhero Element, who controls the elements
Froze Y6’s hands together
Y6 admitted he worked for Evil-Teeth

‘Wasn’t that obvious,’ Said the supreme heroes!

Second Fight episode 1 hour 8

Second Fight episode 1

Sixteen assassins fought Dasher
He escaped to the base
Told the other superheroes
The base was put into lock-down

Sixteen assassins followed Dasher
Made their attack using a chopper
They broke in and met Superkick
Powerful kicking superhero

First Fight episode 2 hour 7

First Fight Episode 2

Assassin T8 shoots Dasher in the leg
He cannot run
Dasher punches first
T8 returns with a kick to the stomach

Dasher attempts to knock T8 out
Punches him in the face
But T8 has technology
T8 teleports

Dasher must warn the other heroes

First Fight episode 1 hour 6

First Fight

Evil Teeth the man-shark
is ready to strike!
He has hired an assassin
To kill the mighty heroes;
Agent Dasher, the mighty hero
is the first on the list!

An assassin is chosen by Evil Teeth
Assassin T8.
Assassin T8 challenges Dasher
Fist to fist contact
But he shoots Dasher in the leg.

Z-School episode 2 hour 5

Z-School 2

Our friends were all dead
We went to the playground
Grabbed a hockey stick each

More zombies came
We whacked them
Killed a bunch of zombies

Stole a car and drove into more
That was five years agonising
I have killed many zombies

I ain’t a stoppin’ now!

Z-School Episode 1 hour 4

Z-School part 1

This was a dream
A dream I had
One day at school my teacher asked,
‘What is 2000 + 259?’
‘2259,’ I replied

That was when a zombie walked through the door
and bit three people
I stabbed him with my pencil
My friend beat him with a stapler

Everyone died
Except us

2212 episode 3 Final Hour 3

2212 Episode 3 Final

Sergeant Jackson and Corporal Jones escape
They have a plan; to kill Lewie Pippin
They take the train from Frankfurt to Bremen
Bremen, home of Lewie Pippin

Lewie Pippin the man who started the war
Sergeant Jackson shoots Lewie in the eye
Throws him in the river
But he is not dead

In an army retirement home some years later
Sergeant Jackson shares a room with Corporal Jones
Lewie Pippin has found them
Slit and shot
Revenge complete