Is it the fear and fury

The rage roiling within.

Is it the judgment with no jury,

Or the slander of sin.


What causes these fitful nights

Fear making me see red?

I crave blood fights

And it’s nothing that’s been said.


So I wear my mask.

Hide from the world

And no one will ask

If I’m a normal girl.


It’s crowded in here

So many thoughts:



Too many to sort

More than I can discern

Sinking deeper and deeper

Into the depths of my mind


I fear losing myself

To the Dark

The Emptiness

A Soul Death I cannot fathom

Is creeping on me

A necrotic curse

I long to blame on my conditions

But all things are choice

Even Desperation

Even Loss


So I must learn to choose differently

Not only for myself

But for those I love


I stood before them,


My soul screaming

I desperately needed,

Wanted their attention

It was more painful

To be alone in the crowd

Then to slice open my wrists


And again

Yet, there I stood

Desperately pining

For a love I’d never be allowed to know


In the spaces between wrong and right

I hold my peace

Suffer desire


I’m on the edge of darkness

I can’t see where I’m going

Or where you’re coming from


Don’t leave me here between

If I’m right

We might just be

Be something more

More than we wanted


In the spaces between wrong and right

You’ll find me waiting

My heart’s on you

My mind’s on me

My soul know just

What we need to be


So please

Don’t leave me between



this is the part where im in so much pain i cant focus on anything much less meter and verse

and all i want is some solid sleep

curse friday inventory and bad knees