We are the Champions

We are the champions
Pop rock anthem
Pop rock life
Victory and celebration
We made it
We give light
We give sound
We are the artists
We are the starters
We are the few
Brave enough to believe
That anything we can do
Blazing sights
And blare the sound
We came we saw we conquered
Indomitable spirit found
And kindness
Of peace
And souls
Of freedom
That never get old
We will be the ones
Of which the stories will be told
Because we write them
We decide
To be living bold
Now after completing this marathon of poetry
Indeed there is a champion that lives inside you and me
That’s write!

To the Park

Outside! Let’s go up the hill to the park

We’ll grab the gear, put on our shoes

Let’s start

To play

Today not promised nor timed, let’s run in the wind and jump to the rhymes

1 the sun is out and shining

2 the breeze is blowing cool

3 the birds sing in the trees

4 blue water at the pool

5 inside there are too many rules

Outside! Let’s go up the hill to the park

We know the way

We follow our hearts

Oh if this way everyday we could end and start. At least in my mind every time reminisce on this part of youth.



Unconditionally loving

Without record of wrong forgive

Inordinately affectionate

Attentive loyalty give

Excitment upon entering

Bated breath longing when one leaves

Sincerity in appreciation

Simplicity in needs

Instructional as examples and leaders in their duties

These sweet angelic domesticated animals are eximplifications truly

Puppy love



There’s an app for that basic function the replacement is cold…

Metal that is, never tired never old.

The response for that question from a prompt in a chat on a screen

and the thing most needed is to have someone to look at the  problem with eyes keen

Sometimes the swift option is secure. Still there is something about  the irreplaceable human spirit that will endure.

There is something about a smile, there is depth to a touch, there can be healing in an embrace, there is so much that only another can do.

meant to reduce errors and increase efficiency. Understood still I would like someone to talk to me.



Careful consideration
Facts only
Wisely choose
Although emotions and intuition real
Do not presume

Thoughfully and cautiously
Consciously as we are

Human beings, be understanding
Be not assuming as far

Respectful of our individual ways
Our different lives more in common than not
Appreciate the intricacies
The similarities the thoughts

In love and life and learning
Need not presume
Communication clears and builds bonds to grown on
To know one


Thought it was just a marathon
The course work has taken a shift
In the third hour after midnight
A new obstacle to vent
From the starting blocks began a lengthy foot race until the end
Nightfall has brought in subterfuge and water
Time to swim
Add a few more miles to that
Count a couple dozen laps
Avoid the pitfalls and do not end until given all you have
The course has changed as courses do
This time while in mid- stride
The path to victory never simply done
Still there is strength inside

Yes Sunshine

Yes Sunshine
All the time
So welcome here
With that glowing luminescent vision
How’ve you been my dear?
It’s was quite bothersome before you came on in
Fluctuations in storms and dark
But then a dove returned a branch
Indicating safety to the ark
Yes Sunshine
All the time
So welcome in this place
The rays shine bright
Turn to day from night
Shine on
Right on my face

Hello Butterfly

Hello butterflies
Filling the skies
Like dandelion petals blowing in the wind
No particular place to go
Just fluttering to and fro
Untamed and wild a show again
Of certainty
The pattern furtively
Winding and gliding to it’s own whims
Hello butterfly
There are no passersby
There are only friends


Sent to pick up a very important person
The assignment treat with reverence and concern
For safety and well being
While traveling, gathering teaching, talking and learning

On the road
Off the phone
Far from home
The chauffeur arrived all alone
Prepared to pick up and take on
The passenger ready in the zone

The interior was impeccably clean
The exterior shiny and gleaming
This ride more than what it seems
On going

This was destined

The chauffeur came to protect
The mirrors in place to reflect
The steering to accelerate was set
The passenger entered


Will be standing there
Without fear
When it comes
Will stand on truth
Without worry
When done
Will stare darkness in the face
With the light
Will wait patiently and will be
Will dance through the depths of despair
Will laugh at the danger
No cares
Will live and will love
Right there
In the world
On the word

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