Infinite nothing
To infinite none
Cohesive excercises of cosmic one
Vapors enterprise
Vacuous dust
Shaped into formations
In the image, trust.
Constellations bundled
Allegories rising
There’s a man
On a planet
Out in space
Seeking a woman
From heaven
Desiring to place
Her hand in his hand
And look upon her face
Genesis of love
Requires absence of commonplace
Defy gravity, formality, reality and logic
In the midst of infinite nothing the craftsman designed the object
of affection


Found a way in the desert
No physical markings or a guide
Walked a thousands miles
Left a hundred times
Always trying
Walked a valley in the summer
Hiked a canyon in the spring
Fall in the forest
Then winter snow it brings
Mountains tops of impasse
Rushing rapids flow
The raging water moves me
currents soothe me
and rays grow
This natural being found
In sisemic elements formed
The breeze brisk, sun kissed
Earth sifted
Creature adorned
Is never lost on this planet
Never forgotten in the sky
Or the galaxy for all the components of matter created


This sweet entreaty
Humble earnest request
Created in confined spaces
Meant to contain and yet
Breakthroughs are imminent
When challenges test
The strength of beliefs indeed
are empowered best
When destruction is menacing
and discord is rife
Rampant inexplicable chaotic moments
Give life
To an interruption
By excellence
This mastery reveals
Disproportionately administered favor in contrast to the previous ordeals
Suddenly and soon
Earth shaking
Vanquishing out of the blue
Unexpected transformstive blessings overflow
In accordance to the connection

Erasure 12th Hour

My sensory attuned to
Our hearts dancing
Beyond depths of wonder
Creating night skies elegant
Unveiling love
Together charity
to never hurt
And forever reflect

Erasure from No Misunderstanding My Love by m. jewel h. Bejeweledpoetry

My sensory attuned to
Our hearts dancing
Beyond depths of wonder
Creating night skies elegant
Unveiling love
Together charity
to never hurt
And forever reflect

Dear Queen

Dear Queen
Stand tall you’re seen
Head up
We know where you’ve been
Heart open
You can love again
Eyes wide
They’ll see you win

Dear Queen
Speak loud until heard
Voice raised
World needs your words
Mind sharp
Your ideas deserve
Hands busy
Your creations preferred

Dear Queen
Walk steady in stride
Feet forward
With God as your guide
Serve others
Trailblaze with your light
Stay humble
You’re our people’s pride


Tacked my moonbeams on a shelf
What’s left still meandering at the dock
Shocked I was able to grasp those whimsical fantasies to put them on lock?
Despite the immensely dense fir trees and in light of ocean’s backlogged fog
Took a delicate pin, let the night sky shine in and welcomed the moonbeams of God.
Held them close together
Examined their mythical ways
Thought people couldn’t catch moonbeams?
That’s only true…during the day.
Their dreamy content so palpable
Their atmosphere quite concrete
When things hush you can even hear their enchanting chords and cyncopate their beats.
The pin is only temporary, and the shelf to keep them off the ground.
Let moonbeams in to help imagine
The territory they’ve already found.


Lights dimming in the atrium
Table clearing in the gallery
Patrons exiting to the streets and the alley

She eats the steak he eats the rice
The jacket wraps her back to warm so nice
Midnight and still sitting close and tight

We are now those people.

My Coffee

Rise and shine
The steam from this cup
Wakes up
Shakes up
Full adrenaline pump
Sight to weary eyelids
Direct to restless hearts
25% tip slip
This liquid meant to jump start
Gear shift
Come near
This cup lift and pass not by
The darkness is the start of the journey and the reason why
Lethargy loves to hold you
And raise you to their lips
First thing in the morning needs you
Believe that
Be the sip

The Melody

The melody
It comforts
Soothes and brings
peace beyond all understanding
Release tension,tightness
Might of the muse
Power to delight
Inspire the instrument
Play not by sight
Use the melody
From memory
No enemy conspire
Against the comfort
Of the one
With the music


Torrential rain
Disquieted artistic endeavors
Prompted scrambling and disarray
Forceful winds blew in impatience
Impatience painted in grey
Grey shadowed a landscape
The landscape covered complained
The complaint reached the caretaker
The caretaker could only say
Thank you
Omnipresent for the artist
Is the creator of it all
Omniscient to matters of great magnitude and miniscule
The great and the small
Gifted and guided tenderly
Handled with loving care
Even in calamity and seeming impossibility
Be aware
The key locked deep inside
In torrential rain fall
Can be opened remotely