I can’t decide what to write.

There’s too many options.

There’s not enough time.

There’s so many thoughts and feelings.

Do I have to pick just one?

This is the last one of this marathon. . .

It went by so quickly.

Although, I’m excited for my bed.

Now, I’m off-track.

I was trying to make a decision.

But those are never easy.



I’m breathless.

You stole my breathe when you cried out for the first time.

I’m breathless.

By the discovery of so many unmarked graves!

Some were a similar age and size to you right now.

Some were never held by their mums.

My heart aches.

So much suffering and pain.

I’m speechless.

By the complete lack of an apology or attempt to heal.

By the world’s uncanny ability to ignore.

By the immature approach to meeting differences.

I’m ashamed by my pale-skinnedness.

I’m angry with the injustice.

Mindless pain and sufferings.

All because of what?

Fear? Hatred? A fucking “book”!

I hope you shred the pages that preach that incite such hatred.

And burn the parts that support standing by and doing nothing.

I hope you’re brought to your knees and grovel for forgiveness, only to never have it come.

I hope you have to face what you did.

What you’re STILL allowing to happen!

They were CHILDREN!

YOU were the adults.

You should have known better.

They deserved better.

WE must do better!

“Flowers in Bloom”

“Flowers in Bloom”

He bought her flowers.

He watched them bloom.

He watched as she attended them.

He watched as the seasons came and went,

and how the flowers changed.

He watched time turn her hair white.

He watched as he mind began to drift.

He watched as she slowly lost all her petals,

and eventually withered away.

Just like the flowers she’d used to tend.


He bought her flowers.

He took them to her new resting place.

Always signed.

Her sweet admirer.


“Cruel Trick”

“Cruel Trick”

The most brilliant misconception out there is the idea that you need ANYTHING other than to be your truest self.

To live your life as anything other than authentically you.



Ah, my bed!

I’ve missed you.

It’s been a long day,

Have you missed me?


The sweet release of tension,

As I climb beneath your sheets,

The way you caress my head as I close my eyes,

And drift peacefully off to sleep.

Now if only,

I could get the boyfriend to do the same.

“The Adventure”

“The Adventure”

I’m back up on my feet!

I will succeed!

I’m doing this for me!

So, don’t call me WEAK.

Don’t try to get in my way.

If you’re not here to support me, you’re no longer welcome to join me on this journey!


The adventure is HALF the fun of getting there!

Yes, life is going to try and change your plans.

Sometimes you have to detour.

Maybe today, I didn’t make the mark.

But that’s never going to stop me from trying again!

So yes, I will succeed.

Because the way you measure success is differently than me.


Now, are you coming or not?



I’m so cold.

Wrap me like a burrito?

Add more blankets, please?

Until I’m barely visible.

Can you come and lay on me?

Oh! Just one more thing!


Little, silly moments like these are my favourites.

They’re the small gestures to show your affection.

It’s how you help me mend a scar made long before you were apart of my life.

Seemingly small, nothing things that mean the world to me.

I love you, you adorkable man.

Thank you. ❤️



A little bit of rain could never stop us.

Ready or not, here we come!

Grabbing knee-high socks and rain boots as we run outside.

Jumping and splashing,

In any puddle we could find.

Don’t ever lose the child inside.

“Mama Bear”

“Mama Bear”

Mama bear,

I see you.

Fighting back the tears of frustration and exhaustion.

Spending long days and nights.

Trying to maintain a house to unrealistic standards

Blamed for anything that strays from the normal.

You’re doing okay, mama.

You’re fine.

Stay strong, mama bear.

You got this.

“Oh, Sweet Death”

“Oh, Sweet Death”

Watching, waiting

In the dark, we’re staying

You’re kind and gentle

And often misunderstood.

You‘re feared and not always fair,

so it feels.

Your hands are icy cold

with a strong iron-cast grip.

Once you grab, you don’t let go.

Your eyes are piercing

seeing into my very soul

already knowing where I’m going.

Please hold my hand

as you suck my last breathe of life away.

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