Shadow and I

When I met my shadow
And I was afraid
I shook their hand
Felt the scraping of their claws
Along my palm

I shivered
Meeting their knowing gaze
With red eyes
And a twisted grin
Shoulders back
Chest puffed out

I slumped forward
Unable to contain the shadow
Unable to withstand its weight on my shoulders
Unable to fend off the
Putrid, foul odor
Of rotten eggs
And gasoline

Their laughter
Was like gurgling cries
Baby’s screams

And they laughed
And laughed
Doubling over
Bending themself in half
Slapping at the their kneecaps
Protruding slightly farther than mine

My shadow was grotesque
Oozing with fear
Dripping with pride
Clothed in insecurity
Adorned with greed
And gluttony
Like jewelry

When I met my shadow
I shook their hand
Their power overtook me
Snapping my wrist
Aggravating the injury
That was there before

I yanked
I pulled
I screamed
I fought
But my shadow wouldn’t let me go

I bargained
I promised
I begged
I pleaded

But they told me
From the depths of their guts
Rolling deep through the air
And into my ears

They wanted nothing


To be a part of me

I halted all movement
Looking the shadow in the
Darkness of their eyes
Encircled by the shimmer
Of bright light

My jaw slackened
My breaths slowed
And my find seemed to understand
All at once

Gulping down the discomfort
Swirling in my throat
I nodded

I closed my eyes


Sweet and wild
Billows around my cheeks
Stinging my eyes

Rapid blinks
Easing the burn
A remedy

They say milk
They say water
I say it doesn’t matter
I just want it out

Mixes with tears
Pouring down my
Bitter cheeks
Falling into
The valleys
Of my mask

It wasn’t enough
This wasn’t enough
What will be enough
When will
Enough be