I’m pacing outside the door.

I want to go in

but I can’t.

I know it’s unlocked.

I know I’m invited.


I choose to perch on the railing instead

close my eyes,

and imagine…


Your skin must be so soft

and when it is damp like that,

you must smell so wonderful…


I experiment, breathing in.

I can feel myself taking the soap from your hands,

and as I look into your blue, blue eyes

I slowly slide the bar over your already slippery body

and I move closer still.


I nibble some places that need nibbling,

and I put the bar away because my hands cannot stand

to be even that far away from you…


As I run my fingers all over you,

and our breathing changes,

the phone rings.

Startling me, so that I almost fall off the banister.


Disoriented, with the taste of you still all over me,

I quietly slip downstairs

to answer it..


We need. Inside.

If hurt, we hide.


We need real love.

Fits like a glove.


We need deep sleep.

Not Li’l Bo Peep.


We need our brains.

(I hope it rains!)


We need more time

for this bad rhyme…


slithering along

dragging a half~eaten

lump of flesh behind me


fallen from inside me

where the love used to live

i claw through stone


handful after handful

of cold death~dirt

i cast behind me


my only light

the fading glow

of my flickering passion


my way barred

i tear fingernails loose

ripping the hinges off

releasing a powdery stench


bugs crawling

through my hair

licking my brain


i slide inside

pulling the cold heavy cover

of darkness over me


singing sweetly to myself

as i lie there

forever rotting in despair


Longingly, Lovingly, Angrily he cast his intense eyes upon her…

…his fluffy white feline frenemy.

Laughing and pointing at him in his human coat, she purrrrred and danced naked as the light changed and cold crept in amongst them.

Who is laughing now? He chuffed as she shivered all wrapped inside her tail, glaring back at him.

Ice~blue eyes narrowing as he sauntered away toasty warm but alone, headed for home. She slowly began to follow him…

Knowing those big ears of his could hear her, they both grinned.

It was going to be a good night.


My world has grown small in the dark overnight, until sudden blinding light shocks me even more than the piercing scream of despair on the morning air…

I used to go around the world seeing everyone and everything.

Over and over and over again in the fraction of a second I’ve seen my Universe in a never-ending loop.

Too late I see my murderer. Sharp and sneaky and small in a flash but I cannot speak, I am pierced with agony as I reach home in the nick of time.

Trapped in the garage now my life runs out of me and I sink into the pebbles of the floor, sighing my last breath in the night as everyone sleeps but me.

Where is the air compressor when you need one?!


There was a moment…

…where you brushed my hair from my face…

…where you took my hand in your own…

…where your eyes searched mine and they shined…

Then you closed that door and moved on.

(but for a moment, you were mine…)


Black dot on my hand…

(After hours I read my first “grown-up” book, Treasure Island, and I dream…)

Black dot on MY hand? What kind of dream is this?

Sandy toes squishing muck as I search for glints of gold in soft moonlight and find piranha instead…

In the Ocean? Ahhh, yes…it’s my dream…and here begins the mare of night…



Who isn’t?

Under the air, silky smooth caressing me while I glide deeper, ever deeper…

Bubbles tickle rushing past my long, slow hair as I turn and see the others staring back at me…

Who is the Shark now?


I pull one out, she pulls out two.

Our favorite man baits our hooks and grins.

I pull out one. She pulls out two.

A picture, smiling softly…drawstring hood surrounds her wrinkles as she poses heavy with fish. My fish are yellow, and they scream.

Who knew fish could cry like me?

(I miss them…)

Howdy :)

Looking forward to meeting people and reading and writing poems. Today has turned into a surprisingly busy day for me, so I will do my best with this marathon. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to write, so forgive the dust as I shake off my soul and prepare to fly with everyone on this adventure… *smile*

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