Take my hand

Little one

Let’s walk along the shore

Let’s play with the seashells

Let’s play in the sand

Make a castle; make believe

Whatever you please


Take my hand

Little one

Let’s create just a few moments

Let’s not let go of being free

Let’s remember how to have fun

Just spending time in the sun

With someone you love.

My Swan Routine

Four birds of a feather

Delicately dance together

Now my morning routine

To recall all those moves

And still keep up the groove

Gets harder with each passing year

But try I must and not hesitate

In order to keep myself in shape.

Degrees Of Separation

There are so many miles between us

Yet I can look at the night sky

And know you can see it too

The same stars as I do

Despite the distance

It brings us close

I feel your



A Cityscape

I see a cloud of white

Against a periwinkle sky

With the sun shining through

In streaks that beat against

The skyscraper and spread out

Before the glass storefront

A Christmas Memory

Dear Sister do you remember at Christmas

when we were young and had so much fun

I recall us climbing down the stairs,

 Silently so that know one could hear

It was before the day’s first light

Just to discover and to our delight

The presents brought joy and happy tears

That was our routine for so many years.

 Everything about the those holidays

Were so very special in every way.

Irreconcilable Desire

I woke in the night

at 2 a.m. and it’s hot

from a wave of heat

that makes it hard to sleep

so I sip on a glass of wine

while listening to my heart

beating to the rhythm of music

thinking of Blue and Both Sides Now

And I ask myself why

I still feel a loss of balance

I must be mad; I must be blind

questioning these feelings

of irreconcilable desire 

that still hold fast

that still pull at my heart

back to the water’s edge

and those distant voices

still alive within every fibre

of my body and soul.


I take refuge

In words

on leaves

on pages

in books

in cafes

any time

any hour

any day

they lead

In and out

of certainty

those words

any will do

they can be caustic

or for comfort or joy

some take flight

others fail

they can make

a difference

they can shine

like the sun

or stars

in the night


for solace and sorrow

they can take

you on adventures

take me away

to and from


when I wake

they are better

than coffee

and sometimes


late at night

words are there

for me

when I hesitate

to dream

On Being Normal

It’s wasted energy to define

Oneself or one’s world

When we can create and shine

On own own terms

It starts with what is taught

By the time we hit grade school

Do this; don’t do that; don’t get caught

Being yourself — whatever that means

Truth be told I don’t conform

Because a person can’t be amazing

If you don’t push against norms

To discover life without boundaries.


You were a gift unlike any other

So special a treasure to discover

Now wrapped in gossamer of gold

Tied with a ribbon of mauve