#3 Collaborate

Prompt: use last line of a book you have read

Book: The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop by Felicia Rose Chavez

Maybe we can build this thing together

This thing to hold us together

To hold space for our togetherness

As we collaborate to create

As we stretch our minds to innovate

#2 Joy of Unseen Things

Mysteries are miracles

Miracles form molecules

Molecules mold memories

Memories make roots

Roots reinforce trees

Trees cradle cultures

Cultures create crossroads

Crossroads enlarge lineages

Lineages unfold revelations

Revelations spark recognition

Recognition defines reality

Reality makes molecules

Molecules are miracles

#1: Ourobouros

“Wealth is like an addiction.”  Abigail Disney

addiction fuels money

money fuels addiction

hoard spend have hoard want get

press the button, get it


press the button again more more

more money more buttons

buy more buttons

spin more wheels

fund more need more

need need

dopamine dopamine

want want

money is desire

nest of serpents eating their own tails

repeat more more

spin circle more spin dopamine

press button

button extinction

button more



Birthing some poems amongst chaos

Hi everyone! I am a high school English teacher in Colorado. I teach 10th and 11th grade and also creative writing and I am the literary magazine coach. This is my first half marathon. I am really excited, but also a little worried because everything is going a little wrong at my house. My computer died this weekend and our busted fridge is limping along and because of Covid it is taking way too long to get a new one. Plus my dog has to have physical therapy after hip surgery, so I suspect I will be writing a lot of poems on my phone instead of on an extra computer that we have. But I’m going to hold my chin up and give it a go because I survived teaching in a pandemic, so I figure I can handle this. Tune in to see if I pull it off!