A Woman

A good woman needn’ always be a mother.
Merely, strong. With a will that is set
like a mountain. She doesn’t have to be loud.
Or standing in the spotlight.
She only needs to be brave. Brave for herself.
Since it isn’t about always running into buildings
that are ablaze.
She needs to know herself. Know what it means
to be individual. To be unique. Even if she has no idea
what is to come.
She needs to have a heart. A heart which believes
there is good out there. And she can contribute to it.
A good woman doesn’t have to be what everyone expects.
Because it’s her expectations that make the difference.

The Dangers of Pennyslvania

There’s a place down the road.
A poorly taken care of unkempt road.
Hole the size of a small moon.
The kind that swallows cars whole.
Many brave cars have traveled it.
With aspirations of reaching some destination.
And they have fallen short.
Who knows how many tires ended there.
Each passing week a new victim.
All I ask, all I want to know.
Can I stop paying my taxes.
Till you fix the damn potholes.

A Modest Proposal

Marry me for my bad jokes.
The ones that our dad would probably make.
And that sometimes you know… you find them funny.
Or make them to yourself.

Marry me for the way we watch sad movies together.
As I cringe and cry with you since it was…. Blackfish .
And I didn’t know it was going to be that depressing.
Or was going to make me sob.

Marry me for the way we love creativity.
Every word that you write makes me want to too.
And maybe we can become ghost writers.
Or come up with witty pen names.

Marry me for the cheesy messages I text you.
The ones I hide for you or blatantly post on facebook.
And there will never be a shortage.
Or more truth to what I really mean.

Marry me for the fact we get “bingo’d” together.
Then we can go off laugh at our obvious secret.
And then come up with names for a Frenchie.
Or a Husky since both are quite cute.

Marry me for the fact that we have this crazy thing.
Where we know what the other is thinking.
And when things get hard we want to suffer together.
Or maybe this isn’t crazy at all.

Marry me for the truth is I love you.

The End is Nigh

Daylight is dying and fading.
As the birds hath stop singing.
An old sun begins its descent.
Not a thing I have done do I resent.

Sitting out in the beauty of the day.
Writing words of things I should say.
Conversation with a lover or a friend.
Waiting for the moon  to ascend.

Wasted not hath the time I spent.
Away from the business of the moment.
I ask nothing more than just one thing at all.
For I am not a saint or the apostle Paul.

When the night finally comes.
And words are reduced to ah’s and um’s.
Lay down beside me my love.
Let us gaze upon the stars above.

How’s Your Father?

There’s some beauty
beneath the troves of pillows.
A sweet ocean of cotton,
marred by mass.
As we
rearrange furniture
as young people do.
Interior decorating
the best we can together.
I fancy such a tidy woman
as yourself
It is about
and agreeing on stuff.
After all the funny business is done.
I often feel.
I understand what it’s like
with a woman who means so much.

Do you Need Me?

We need to talk.
We need to see.
We need each other.
We need a moment alone.
We need to have faith.
We need kindness.
We need trust.
We need love.
We need the way we compliment each other.
We need the feelings we share.
We need the idea of us will endure.
I need you.


I keep reminding myself
that I am a good man.
were made. 
I made.
Do not define me.
Lesson I learned
have made me.
The better man. A better
Who I have
become. Is
No who I

My Choice Bit of Calico


Ice cream-eater

A woman who stole my heart.


Pantoum of my Resolve

I will not falter from my resolve
As the storm looms ever closer
It will break, crush, and tear asunder
Fear will not cauterise into my heart

As the storm looms ever closer
Bravery may be a fool’s errand
Fear will not cauterise into my heart
I will not go quietly into the storm

Bravery may be a fool’s errand
It will break, crush, and tear asunder
Every ounce of my being cries out to stay..to fight
I will not falter from my resolve